Christal Clear, Leicester, Student and University, Proofreading

Editorial and Proof Reading Services

Christal Clear, Leicester, Student and University, Proofreading


Christal Clear, Leicester, Student and University, Proofreading

Professional editing and proofreading services for academic and business clients available through Christal Clear Proofreading; a country-wide, well established and professional service.

All written work is carefully and diligently checked by our team of highly qualified proofreaders, based here in the UK. Pride is taken in the important task of editing, amending and enhancing the fluency and accuracy of your written work and we aim to provide a service of the highest possible quality at all times.

Essays, dissertations, business documents or theses are all undertaken with equal care and attention to detail. The content of your document is edited with suggested amendments made to improve vocabulary, punctuation and spelling, wherever appropriate, thus helping you to submit a fluent and accurate piece of written work with confidence. We are adept at working to educational establishment deadlines and we return your work well before it is required for submission.

Always approachable and ready to answer any questions or discuss amendments to your written work in more detail, you will find us supportive and accessible at all times.  

Here are our levels of service …our highly competitive fees start at only £4.50 per 500 words.



At this level, the cost is from £4.50 per 500 words. Please note, there is a minimum cost of £10.00.

Your proofreader will check that your document is totally accurate and fluent. Your writing is carefully checked, with amendments made to ensure that you are able to submit a clear and cohesive piece of work.

Clients who are reasonably confident with their written expression but wish their work to be free from minor errors will prefer this level of support.


At this level, the cost is from £6.00 per 500 words. Please note, there is a minimum cost of £20.00.

Basic Level plus, general sentence structure, punctuation and spelling are checked and amended accordingly, enabling you to submit your written work with confidence.

Clients who have concerns about their written English, in terms of grammar and spelling, will find this level of service most suitable.


This is the most detailed service provided, costing from £7.50 per 500 words. Please note, there is a minimum cost of £30.00.

Intermediate Level plus, your proofreader will check spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and fluency in addition to the overall style, content and presentation of your document, making suggested improvements to vocabulary and expression. Your written work will be edited to a high standard, ensuring that it is accurate and easy to comprehend.

Students for whom English is not their first language may find this level of service particularly helpful.

To see for yourself the consistently high standard of service we provide, please submit any two pages of your document for a free of charge, no obligation, sample of quality proofreading.

Your work will be returned to you with a quotation for your entire document.

Please call: 07941 611204

Our Services Include:

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