The Zoots band

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The Zoots band


The Zoots band

Experience THE show that's wowing audiences around the world, and headlining venues from the London Palladium to Old Trafford (Havana , Cuba) - with the spectacular sounds of THE ZOOTS!

THE ZOOTS are here to make your whole family bop to the beats that everybody loves - with legendary numbers by Elvis, Queen, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Monkees, Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson and dozens more of your favourite artists. Feel the groove that's thrilling audiences of stage and screen, in more than 30 countries! Discover why national critics call THE ZOOTS "impressive", "authentic", and "impossible not to like"!

It's more than a performance - it's totally ZOOTtastic!

Jamie is the dishy lead singer - but don't be fooled by his dreamy looks! Jamie has performed alongside A-ha, T-Pau and Madness making him the real deal.
Harriet's a real cool chick with red hot hair - and energy to match! She taps out neat percussive beats, and sings sweet backing vocals.
Adam doesn't play guitar - he makes it sing, daddy-o! Adam's playing is so hip, even your gran will want to Twist and Shout!
Tommy is a maestro with the bassline. He pops, picks and plucks the rhythm that keeps THE ZOOTS so tight and sharp!
Ian plays the drums, and lays the beat behind the hits! Ian makes that drum kit shake, rattle and roll - and how!

Critics Dig THE ZOOTS!
"The ZOOTS are impossible not to like" - The Stage
"What an amazing band!" - Stamford Corn Exchange
"The ZOOTS are fantastic " - The Beacon Theatre
"We have been looking for a band like The Zoots for years' Eastbourne Bandstand

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