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Stayclean Window Cleaning

With over 20 years of experience to their name, Stayclean Window Cleaning has provided and continues to provide quality window cleaning services to Bristol and its surrounding areas. Whether through their commercial or high-rise work, Stayclean, also known as Bristol Window Cleaning Limited, is both professional and reliable and has turned their family-run business into a premier window cleaning company that offers a number of other additional cleaning services.

Commercial Window Cleaning

While Stayclean offers a variety of services that can benefit all types of buildings, their speciality is in commercial window cleaning. For businesses, first impressions are everything and the appearance of a company's building can either make or break that impression; dirty windows may turn away potential clientele, while an attractive exterior will draw people in. This type of cleaning extends to buildings like schools, hotels, shop fronts, office blocks and more.

With a cleaning from Stayclean, you can be confident knowing you'll receive the best service possible from trained professionals. Not only are Stayclean employees knowledgeable in the area of window cleaning, but they're also trained in good business practices and in how to deal with and interact with customers and the public-a valuable skill when working in shared or busy commercial spaces.

Other Window Cleaning Services

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Much like commercial window cleaning, high-rise window cleaning is important to maintain a building's bright and professional appearance. The benefit is not only in creating a strong lasting impression but having clean windows also makes working in a high-rise office building or living in a high-rise condominium a more pleasant experience for employees or tenants.

Unlike commercial cleaning, however, high-rise window cleaning is a more complex undertaking and one that requires a number of special tools or pieces of equipment. The Stayclean team is well-versed in these methods and their years of experience make the difference between a standard cleaning and one that is both comprehensive and thorough.

For buildings of all heights, the Stayclean team can carry out a high-quality cleaning by using different techniques. For buildings up to 20 metres in height, for example, window cleanings can be carried out safely from the ground below using Reach and Clean with pure water technology.

Buildings up to 40 metres in height can be cleaned using an access platform, known more commonly as a cherry picker or man lift. These hydraulic platforms can take cleaners much higher than they could normally reach, even with a ladder. They're not only practical when reaching high windows, but they also adhere to Stayclean's strict health and safety standards.

Finally, rope access can be used to clean buildings of any height and is a versatile method in cleaning windows that can't be reached by the other two methods.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Windows are the only surfaces that Stayclean can help restore to their former glory. Solar panels are becoming increasingly common for businesses and homes in Bristol looking for a more eco-friendly solution when it comes to hydro but they face the same problems that windows do. Dirty solar panels aren't just unsightly, however; research shows that the efficiency of panels can be reduced when they're not cleaned properly. Dirt and debris can block the panels and limit the amount of sun exposure they receive, which in turn could mean losing between 5% and 50% of efficiency.

Just like with windows, Stayclean can effectively clean and clear solar panels and ultimately restore their full capabilities.

Render Cleaning/Softwash

Beyond windows and glass, Stayclean also offers render cleaning services that help restore the look of your home. Over time, acrylic render can become a breeding ground for things like mould, fungi, algae and more. These compromise the appearance of buildings, especially those of a light shade or colour, and contribute to an unsightly view from the street or even garden.

By employing the soft wash technique, Stayclean can restore the look of your home to its original condition and even prevent the return of such cosmetic issues for years to come.

High Health & Safety Standards

Even more than their dedication to quality work and cleaning, Stayclean is committed to maintaining high safety standards by becoming a CHAS accredited contractor. CHAS (Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is designed to help improve safety industry safety records and create a standard across the board.

This commitment can also be seen in their investment into new vehicles and equipment that ensure the safest methods for cleaning that full satisfy Health & Safety 'Working at Heart' regulations.


Stayclean offers competitive pricing within the market for their services and delivers outstanding quality with a high degree of professionalism. For building owners or property managers looking to price their window cleaning jobs, Stayclean also offers free quotes so you'll never be surprised when it comes time to pay the bill.

Ultimately, Stayclean's reputation says more about their services and skill than anything else can. A number of high-profile clients, including the University of Bath, Hilton Gardens and the private Badminton School, can attest to their services. With a long history of quality, reliability and trustworthiness, their work stands out in Bristol as second to none. Whether cleaning commercial buildings, high-rise windows, solar panels and more, Stayclean can get the job done as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible at a realistic price.


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