Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

Drainage System Installation

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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems


Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems

We offer a variety of services regarding the installation and maintenance of decorative stone surfaces which comply with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). These specially designed flooring types are becoming more popular at domestic homes, schools, public facilities and parks as they are attractive, functional and long lasting. One of the most beneficial features of these stone and gravel paving designs is that they are porous, meaning any water is able to drain through quickly instead of sitting on the surface. These systems can also prevent pollution to wildlife habitats by collecting the water and filtering it before it is put back into the environment.

The most popular outdoor surface type which is designed to suit Drainage Systems is resin bound gravel. This specification is made with a combination of natural stone and a strong binder to form a mixture. The stone and binder will then be applied and screeded onto the chosen area, usually with a tarmac sub base to act as a foundation. Due to the small gaps left between the stones when the surface has been applied, the flooring is permeable and rainwater drains through more efficiently. This prevents any runoff water from travelling to other areas and causing flooding during periods of heavy rain.

A SuDS compliant surface is a type of flooring that allow rainwater to pass through easily making them more sustainable than other surfacing types. The porous features of a SuDS compliant surfacing means that rainwater will not puddle the surfacing and so you will not need to worry about flooding of the area during heavy rainfall. It is recommended for these type of surfaces to be installed for a more sustainable area. Depending on the sub base and flooring type you have installed, some SuDS compatible surfaces could be used to recycle water. If you're planning to recycle rainwater using you SuDS flooring, make sure you use a professional contractor to ensure the water is safe to recycle.

Our company are specialist SuDS compliant surfacing installers working at numerous different organisations. We can help each client to design a bespoke outdoor flooring using the best resin bound gravel flooring specifications. If you have to stick within a certain budget we will talk through the costs of installing porous paving and create a design which suits you and your price range. The different choices of stone are completely customisable and we can offer both natural gravel and brightly coloured options.

We have worked as professional SuDS-compatible surfacing installers at many different local, private and public facilities to install decorative and functional stone surfaces. It's extremely important for businesses and individuals nearby to create a sustainable environment which protects urban areas from flooding and also helps to put clean water back into the environment. Please get in touch with us via our contact form today to talk about the costs of installing a permeable surfacing to suit Sustainable Drainage Systems at your home or public facility. We will send you a detailed porous stone paving specification and case studies of work we have previously completed. Our aim is to ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with the outcome which is why we creat the specifications closest to what you desired.

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