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About Lasik Eye Surgery
It is an operation often preferred by patients who have eye problems. Patients who are checked up before the surgery can easily get back to their health in 10-15 minutes. It is possible to get rid of myopic, hypermyopic and astigmatic problems with the lasik eye surgery. On the other hand, this operation has a high success rate.

How Is It Done
Before the operation, patients are checked. Then patients get recommandations depending on the results. One of the recommandations is lasik eye surgery. We will talk about it. The patient is given a date and if he/she is using contact lenses, it is told to quit it and use glasses. On the day of the operation the transparent layer of the eyes is sedated with an eye drop. And the front layer of cornea is cut by Excimer Laser. This process isn't painful for the patients. There is only a little bit of pressure felt on the eyes. After this, the fixing process begins. The patient is asked to look at the red spot and the cornea starts being shaped. There isn't any problem if the patient misses the red spot. The operation is completed in a short amount of time. Patients are given protective glasses after the surgery. They must wear it for a day. Patients can go back to their normal lives in a day. Lasik surgery isn't applied to people under 18 or over 65.


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