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Driveway and Patio Installation Services For Essex

Do you need a new driveway or patio in Essex? Maybe you live in Basildon, Southend on Sea, Wickford, Raleigh or Billericay? Why not our specialists to book a free no obligation estimate on replacing the old driveway or patio and get a custom built area for you.

The most common for a new driveway is block paving, however, there are other options for a driveway including resin driveways, tarmacadam, asphalt, gravel and concrete.

The reason block paving is so popular is due to the variety of styles, colours and finishes that are available when you choose let alone the low maintenance required and the durability of the paving.

When you are choosing to pave your own driveway, you should try to first narrow down the purpose of it. If it's a standard driveway, you can save a little money and go with a 50mm block. If you have lorries that will be delivering oil or goods to your home, go with a 60mm. The 80mm block is simply not needed for a driveway.

The next choice is to choose the style of block paving, you can opt for the Driveline paving style from Marshalls, which is generally laid in 3 sizes. It is laid in staggered lines to offset the joints. This is important as it will allow better interlocking of your block paving.

The most common type of block paving is still the standard herringbone pattern in a style like Driveline paving from Marshalls. It is cost-effective (slightly cheaper than other variants) and when laid correctly, will interlock very strong to ensure a durable, solid driveway paving.

The other option which is becoming more popular is the permeable paving range. This is for driveways or patios that are going to suffer from flooding.

Permeable is laid like standard paving but has a much more rippled side to allow a bigger joint. It is laid on a permeable base to ensure water can flow through fast and quickly and be drained away. It is the most expensive option when you include the base preparation required for it work correctly.

Choosing an edging for your driveway can make a huge difference to the overall look of your driveway as it can make the paving stand out and make it more defined.

Edging kerbs are available which are the standard grey, cement colour. The paving range is called block paving kerbs and are available in the most common colours of Charcoal, Brindle and Grey. With block paving kerbs, you can have a rounded front, an angled front or a square look to your paving. You can read more about the types of driveway edges here.

On your driveway or patio area you might have an inspection chamber (manhole cover), which if you are block paving, you really should replace with a recessed inspection chamber. They allow you to sit the block paving into the cover which stops the inspection chamber standing out on your driveway.

Another factor to consider when you are having block paving laid at your home in Essex is what type of border and any paving features you want to insert on your driveway. A border is required on every block paving job to allow the paving to be cut cleanly. Without a border, there is no edge to cut the block paving into.

Generally, you should use a different colour for your border as it will make the paving stand out and enhance the pattern of it. It is normally laid in a stretcher bond around the entire area. Any paving patterns you are inserting on the driveway should be done with a matching colour so it has come colour coordination.

Now all of the above options you can go through with a builder's yard or supplier, however, most of the time do not have the experience to give you an exact breakdown of what will suit you.

This is why when you are choosing to have paving installed on your driveway or patio in Basildon, Raleigh, Southend-on-Sea or any other part of Essex regions, we recommend finding a local paving contractor like Co-Operative Contractors LTD who can give you a proper estimate by visiting your property and assessing it.

Call Co-Operative Contractors LTD today on 0800 696 5034 to schedule a free estimate for a new driveway, patio or garden area in Basildon, Essex, Raleigh, Southend on Sea or Billericay.


Driveway and Patio Services Throughout Essex

William on 27 July 2020

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