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Bonus Bagging

1105 Trident House, Granville Square, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 1UQ  (Show me directions)

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  Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:00 , Saturday to Sunday: Closed


Richard De Pass   

rdepass1   @rdepass   rdepass  




Spotlight Media and Publishing is a Licence Product Broker. That means you can come to me if you have a need for products that you can brand as your own, for example if you have a website but have no product to offer your visitors.

You can also get DVDs without resale rights from me, that enable you to discover new methods to incorporate with your current marketing practices.

About us

Welcome to Spotlight Media and Publishing, where you can find the definitive low down on Private Label Rights DVDs, internet marketing DVDs and set your course for success in the information marketing business.

With so many people involved in the search for information, wouldn't it be possible that as someone providing answers you could attract those who are asking that question? If the answers on your website are what the internet user is looking for they will like your website. There are so many internet users searching for so many things, that to make your website stand out, it must be targeted. This targeted market, the internet users specifically searching for the answers you provide is known as your niche.

You will find that the thing most searched for on the internet is information. Millions of people each day search for terms that yield what they are looking for, from how to upgrade a laptop to how to cure sickness with natural remedies. There are so many things searched for online that if you took a random page from any novel, and selected random words from that page, you would find that someone has a website about those words, and people have searched for it! That is what it seems like to me so the purpose of this page is to help you identify exactly who your customer is, to get to know your target customer intimately...

50% Off Your Direct Response Copywritten Salesletter!

Raise awareness of your business, increase sales and reduce costs
Laser-target your advertising materials and get more response for less!

Official Product launch Offer - To celebrate the release of Spotlight's Direct Response Copywriting Service the price is halved! You no longer have to pay £££'s for direct response copy!
Download Spotlight's free Customer Targeting Worksheet, learn more about your prospects and how to communicate with them in a way that increases the chances of getting the response you want. When you use the Customer Targeting Worksheet and apply the answers to the questions inside it, you will be able to prepare advertising materials that are suddenly way ahead of the pack! Get one over on your competition by identifying your perfect customer.

Richard De Pass, Managing Director of Spotlight Media and Publishing, says, "Download the Customer Targeting Worksheet from our website, it is free. Use the answers you provide to the questions to improve your advertising materials, and if you want me to write a professional salesletter for you, simply send back the completed Customer Targeting Worksheet and I will use it to gladly write one for you, and you get 50% off because I am happily launching Spotlight's Direct Response Copywriting Service!"

Make it easy to increase the effectiveness of your advertising materials and reduce the stress of advertising effectively. Discover how to determine your prospect's deepest secret motivational desires. Your boss will gasp with shock at the increase of response your advertising materials receive.

• Get your product or service in front of your targeted customers
• Enjoy 50% off Spotlight's Direct Response Copywriting Service
• Increase your profits and save money on advertising costs
• Increase the response of your advertising materials
• Reduce the stress of advertising

Go right now to and click 'Customer Targeting Worksheet' then click on the icon and 'Save Target As' complete the worksheet and you can use the information to target your advertising and make it more effective.

If you want to, you can send in the Customer Targeting Worksheet to and I will write a professional Direct Response Salesletter for you, and give you an introductory 50% discount to celebrate the launch of this new service from Spotlight Media and Publishing.

About Spotlight: Richard De Pass has recently set up this business to help you reach success as quickly as possible. Spotlight Media and Publishing also offers a range of Private Label DVDs, with internet and social media training seminars and conferences in the pipeline over the next few months. Grab your copy of the Customer Targeting Worksheet at


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