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Multiheat & Energy Systems Ltd

Office 3, Bethany, Parkham Ash, Parkham, Bideford, Devon, EX39 5PS  (Show me directions)

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Energy efficient electric heating

Supplier of infrared heating panels, we stock white carbon fibre heating panels for quick free delivery here in the UK, we have also shipped items to Europe at a reasonable cost.
Energy efficient infrared technology directly heats people and objects rather than the air between. We supply quality heating panels for use in homes and offices, garden rooms to therapy studios, from one single room heater to whole central heating systems.
Infrared heating is energy efficient and has low energy use, an 850watt heater will warm a room of upto 17 square metres of solid construction, once warm the heater will modulate and only draw sufficient power to maintain warmth.

What is infrared heating?

You may be aware of the patio heaters which use near infrared, this gives off an orange light, our heating panels are made from white carbon fibre and use far infrared energy they do not change in colour or have any lights or switches and run silently. Infrared is purely a heating effect on objects and people without the need to heat up the air in between. Infrared firstly creates a healthy warmth on the skin, by stimulating the blood circulation the heat will permeate around the body. The sun gives off infrared warmth which warms brickwork and the ground, these objects then radiate warmth back to warm the air, this same principle is used in our panels to warm your home. This form of heating has been used in Europe for more than ten years.

Radiant Heating Systems | Infrared Heating Panels | Energy Efficient Heating

We supply energy efficient infrared heating panels. These white panels can be fitted high on the wall or on the ceiling and wired into the electrical system for heating one room or the whole house. Infrared heating is easy to install and requires no maintenance. You can use simple timers or complex programmers with our heating panels.


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