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Security Guards and Officers? With more than 25 years of industry experience, Adapt Security is proud to be a leading and trusted supplier of security guard services throughout the UK. We work with companies and individuals in a wide range of sectors to ensure the safety of their property, assets and people. When you hire security guards within our Security Team, you can expect first-class customer service and a made-to-fit security solution based on your specific requirements. Our SIA-licensed security guards and officers are trained to the very highest standards and offer a comprehensive portfolio of services. From crowd control and mobile patrols to CCTV monitoring and concierge duties, we have you covered. At Adapt Security, we provide manned and static security guards and officers who can offer a range of patrolling and personal watch services for business and individuals. From exmilitary guards, experienced in personal watch security, to patrol guards who will manage your CCTV systems and control access to venues, areas and properties, we will ensure your people and premises are completely secure. An experienced security company, we are adept in detecting threat. Using our experience and knowledge we can ensure our security guards will act rapidly and effectively, diffusing any situations which might occur. Our team is trained in all aspects of business and individual security and executive protection, including personal security services, travel security and VIP guarding, so you can trust our team to keep you safe. Moreover, under the cover of darkness, criminals can mask their intent and break into properties. Adapt Security provide night watch security to safeguard against this eventuality. With Adapt Security you are safe in the knowledge that your premises are guarded night and day. Adapt Security Operatives • We understand your business and personal protection needs. • We offer night watch protection. • Our team consists of close protection officers that provide second to none security. • We help prevent loss and damages to your company. • We assist growth and development • We ensure positive customer experience • We are a team of polite and professional security guards    Manned Guarding We provide high quality and reliable security solutions, providing maximum safety to multiple locations across the UK. Our team of exceptional manned guards are trained to the highest standards and take pride in delivering exquisite levels of security to our clients in a proactive approach. Together, our guards have a wealth of experience and knowledge which ensures they carry out their role professionally and impactfully. These impressive employees of ours act as a highly-visible deterrent, ensuring you feel safe at all times. The protection of your personnel and overall premises is their upmost importance, and they are proud to offer their skilled services in achieving the best protection possible. Each guard has been trained to an outstanding standard and is able to offer extensive knowledge and experience in safely securing locations. We offer flexible and adaptable manned guards who are able to tailor their security services to suit a range of needs laid out by our clients, ensuring for a personal and unique solution. So, regardless of the type of industry you work in, we can be sure to supply appropriate manned guards for any occasion. Adapt Security Manned Guarding Ltd, Vetting Procedures are as follows BS7858 standard would consist of: Basic Criminal Record Check - Search for 'unspent' convictionsCredit Enquiries - Credit Score, ID Verification, Electoral Roll Verification, Address Verification, CCJ, Bankruptcy, Insolvency and IVA SearchEmployment Check - 5-Year Written Employment Verification with Gap VerificationCharacter Reference - Typically covers candidate strengths, areas for growth, adaptability and integrityRight To Work Checks - Verification of Nationality, ID documentation and Immigration status Manned security guarding is one of the most effective measures you could take in order to protect your business and employees, and by choosing us, you are guaranteed to experience effective, positive results. We are able to offer reliable gatehouse security or controlled access to buildings through our impressive manned guards. They will complete their duties and responsibilities effectively, performing risk assessments and health and safety checks on a regular basis. It is important to note that all of the manned guards we supply are fully qualified and licensed in their role, with the right to prevent trespassers and vandalism at all times. Guards may also alternate in carrying out foot patrols if they feel suspicious activity is occurring and are trained in being able to deal with it accordingly. They are all appropriately First Aid trained and offer exceptional customer service and people skills, sharing an impeccable appearance; representing not only us, but your business too. We are proud to offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring to keep your premises safe and secure at all times. Our clients are at the heart of our business and we are fully committed in effectively delivering a first-class service to each and every one of you.    Static and Mobile Guards Running a business which relies heavily on storing stock in warehouses comes with risks, especially if anything is of high-value. Whether your business has only one warehouse or numerous premises spread-out over different locations, our warehouse security can be deployed 24/7, 365 days of the year. Whatever the type or size of business you run, our security staff can assist you in tailoring specific security solutions to ensure maximum protection for your staff, stock and reputation. We provide static and mobile guarding solutions for individuals of high net worth as well as businesses both industrial and commercial. We provide ex-military guards, experienced in high end security, to patrol, manage CCTV systems and control access to venues, areas and properties. We are able to provide manned and logged control of access to your property, which means if any individual, who's identification is not logged, attempts to gain entry into your property, they will be refused unless permission is given by your command, providing you with ongoing peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. Warehouse security guards can patrol any areas which require consistent and effective monitoring outside of site premises. We provide superb UK-wide security services in even the most remote areas which can often be targeted by criminals for robberies. Offering you peace of mind we will ensure your stock is safe by carefully monitoring it and guaranteeing that it is securely housed at all times. Our job is particularly important when you are out of hours and cannot safeguard your premise yourself. Allow us to give you the satisfaction that your premises will not fall victim to vandals. Prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your warehouse with professional security guards who will maintain strict control over access points. Gatehouses and entrances will have manned security staff checking the identification of each person who enters the premise and will keep log books to record who is onsite and offsite at what times. If you require security guards after normal working hours, our night watch security team can be deployed to protect your business. Risk assessments and health and safety checks will be carried out, including regulated stock takes and delivery handling. We can also provide you with CCTV installation and monitoring, ensuring a rapid response to intruders, monitored consistently by our staff 24/7.   



Reception & Building Security
Smithys Security Guarding will provide expert protection for your office and buildings. Office building security is essential in order to keep employees and their belongings safe. Corporate security services will greatly reduce, if not stop, vehicle break-ins and automotive theft. Our security officers will keep your office building free from vandalism and break-ins, and maintain employee and vehicle safety.

Office buildings are prime targets for vandalism and break-ins. Businesses with offices in an office building are subject to computer equipment theft, while vandalism is always a problem that must be dealt with. At Smithys Security Guarding we aim to provide the best possible Security Service to every one of our clients whatever their requirements.

Front of house security for your building is primarily one of the most important aspects of office security. Our Security Officers will represent your company in a smart, presentable manner to enhance your corporate image as well as fulfilling the following key roles:

• Access control, carried out with courtesy and firmness.
• A visible security presence.
• A warm welcome for visitors.
• Information to visitors/ signing in and out.
• Using good communication skills.

At the same time, our security officers will guard against vehicle break-ins and personal attacks. Vehicles sitting in an unattended parking lot are subject to theft, and employees walking to their cars on a dark evening can be attacked and mugged. Having a visible security officer presence will make sure that your office building is safe, and keep employees feeling secure and protected.

Our corporate security services are geared toward ensuring that your office building will not be a target to thieves and vandals. Businesses will feel safe in knowing that their expensive equipment will not be stolen overnight. Their employees will feel the safety and security of being able to leave work late in the evening and not fear an attack as they walk to their vehicles.

Access control may be carried out as a separate function to that carried out by reception staff or the roles may be combined. Either way this is where your company makes its first impression on every visitor.

Make sure it's the right impression with a smartly uniformed Smithys Security Guarding SIA Licensed Security Guard or Security Officer and fulfill all those other functions at the same time. Every Security Guard employed by us has undergone extensive background checks and is individually licensed by the SIA.

Smithys Security Guarding offers this brilliant solution to all your front of house requirements not only to Scotland, but all over the UK.


Smithys Door Supervisors

Why have door supervisors?

More to the point think about not having them and the issues that can occur, verbal abuse, fights, drunken behaviour, all of these amounts to a loss of patrons, due to a bad reputation. That is the worst case scenario however it can have a huge impact on your staff as well. All staff like to feel safe where they are working and don't want to deal with antisocial behaviour or being under threat, if this is not dealt with, it could cause a high turnover in staffing levels. It can take years to get a good reputation but seconds to get a bad one.

Door supervisors are employed to ensure people enjoy themselves, patrons and staff alike, and we firmly believe people are entitled to a good time without fear of assault, intimidation or antisocial behaviour. A good door supervisor will also enhance the atmosphere of your venue or event through various methods such as simply being polite and acknowledging each customer upon entry or even if they are just passing by, listening to concerns and resolving issues in a fair manner. By adopting this approach people feel assured that they are in safe hands and this also adds to the reputation of the venue ensuring customer retention as well as enticing new patrons.

What is door supervision?

Door supervision is much more than it first appears, as the role involves multiple aspects such as meet and greet, health and safety, duty of care and conflict management to mention a few.

Utilising crowd and queue control techniques, to profile all patrons upon entry and to ensure they are suitable for your establishment or event, by ensuring they are of the correct age and profile. Constantly monitoring people's behaviour throughout the night, intervening on any potential issues to prevent them from escalating into a full scale incident whereby other customers will witness it, commotion costs customers after all and can ruin a venues reputation.

Having good customer service skills are now a part of a door supervisors role as manners cost nothing, being polite and helpful enhances a customer's attitude and establishes lasting relationships. Rude and arrogant attitudes have a negative effect on patrons and it will be remembered as part of their overall experience in your venue.

Just because a person holds an SIA door supervisor license does not mean they are knowledgeable in their role, it simply means they have had the generic training. It's like learning to drive; you learn to pass your test and once passed you then learn to drive. At Smithys Security we focus on the development of our door supervisors to ensure they shadow experienced personnel so they learn the diplomatic approach and start their career on the right path, in turn providing unrivalled service delivery to you.

The right choice Smithys Security Services

Door supervisors help you protect and run your business, making a profit through customer relations and diplomatic resolutions whilst enhancing the reputation of your venue, backed by professional and knowledgeable management


Static Security Guarding
Smithys Security Guarding will provide trained, SIA licensed and professional static security guarding for all your on-site security requirements, whether for retail security, commercial or industrial premises.

No business can exist or grow without a safe and secure environment. In the context of several security challenges that we currently face, the key to reducing risks and preventing losses lies in being aware, alert and prepared at all times.

A uniformed static security officer will deter theft and vandalism, as well as reducing the potential damage from other risks such as fire and flood. The static security guards are often located within a clients control room that will also house a CCTV system, and their duties include regular security checks around the site which are recorded. Static security guards can be employed on a flexible basis so your business is protected when it is most at risk. All officers receive training and are subject to continuous on site supervision and random inspections, ensuring that they follow the health and safety rules and regulations at all time.

As well as security checks, the static security guard can be used to open and close property at the start and end of the working day, taking responsibility for ensuring the property is secure. Static security guards can be used at any site including business parks, construction sites, schools and retail developments. If you're looking to protect your people, products, business or have a construction/development site that needs security please call us to see how we can help.

Premises need to be effectively protected with a strong visual presence. Choosing to hire licensed security guards or static guards isn't just an option, it's a must.

The security company you choose must be professional and offer highly trained and certified guards or static guards capable of providing you with the level of security and protection that suits your business and operations and matches the risk potential.

Smithy Security Guarding has many years of experience in supplying professional security guards and static guards and can offer your business the best level of protection and static guarding services to meet your specialised Security needs.

Smithy Security Guarding has proven expertise in effectively guarding companies and businesses from all types of threats. Our managers and security guards have the experience and confidence to meet your expectations. Smithy Security Guarding invests in constantly updating each static guards knowledge, training and technical skills.

Security guards and static guards from Smithy Security Guarding are fully trained with skills to handle any incident effectively. They are ever vigilant, dependable, disciplined, and well prepared. And they will respond quickly with the correct security solution in any situation. Every time you can count on them.

Security guards from Smithy Security Guarding will watch and protect your company premises, buildings and offices, personnel and assets round the clock throughout the year. You can enjoy peace of mind while they professionally carry out a range of security chores.

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