Green Tree Remedies

Alternative Medical Treatment, Herbalists, Reflexology Therapists, Stress Management

 Reiki, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Bach Flowers, Stress Management, Relaxation, Aromatherapy

Green Tree Remedies

Strathleven House Vale of Leven Industrial Estate, Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire, G82 3DP  (Show me directions)

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  Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 21:00 , Saturday: 10:00 to 17:30 , Sunday: Closed






Stress management

Hourly sessions at £35 per hour or pre book the 8 session plan at £240.
Content of sessions can be changed to suit personal circumstances where required.
Week 1-
Assessment, discussion on main difficulties. Explanation of 8 week course.
Muscle relaxation and breathing exercises. Agreement of home action plan for coming week.
Week 2-
Reflection of past week.
Helpful and unhelpful thinking, continuation of breathing and muscle relaxation.
Week 3-
Reflection of past week.
Exercise, relaxation and guided meditation
Week 4-
Reflection of past week.
Sleep Hygiene, relaxation and guided meditation
Week 5-
Reflection of past week.
Time Mangament, relaxation and guided meditation
Week 6-
Reflection of past week.
Healthy Eating, relaxation and guided meditation
Week 7-
Reflection of past week.
Assertion, relaxation and guided meditation
Week 8-Reflection of past week.
Self support planning, relaxation and guided meditation

Bach Flower Therapy

Flower remedies which work energetically on your emotions, balancing and softening them to allow a deeper understanding and ability to move through them into the next phase of life.
£35 per hour sessions.
Workshops at £8 are available through the year, check website and facebook page.

Herbal Medicine

What happens in a Herbal Consultation?
An initial herbal consultation typically last about 90 mins; during that time, your symptoms, history of symptoms, past medical history and full physical system enquiry (lots of questions about all the body parts and functions) will be completed. This is done by asking loads of questions, some of which may seem irrelevant to your current concern. Also your blood pressure may be taken, skin tone and tongue checked, pulse or glands felt. You will not have any intimate examination, nor have to remove clothes.
Dietary, lifestyle and stress factors will be discussed and a plan agreed as to any appropriate changes that you think you could realistically make.
After all this a herbal medicine will be made for you to take away, usually in the form of a liquid extract and possibly some external remedies or teas, depending on your personal circumstances.
You would return for a follow up appointment to check progress after 2 weeks, and after this monthly appointments are usually enough until the complaint has been resolved.
£50 initial 90 min consultation (concessions can be considered on request)
£25 follow up apts
£7.00 per 100ml medicine cost


A relaxing form of energy work whereby healing, balancing, and relaxing universal energy is channelled into you to realign the chakras and re-energise your being.
Mainly I use hands off Reiki, the energy being channelled into the aura, into the energy layers. This allows the energy to heal and rebalance the aura before the physical body. It is believed that many conditions arise first in the aura, therefore giving healing in this way is powerful in treating the cause of problems.
Reiki helps people in many ways.
By rebalancing energy, chakras and clearing stagnated energy, as well as helping to activate the bodies own natural healing responses by relaxing the whole being, Reiki can treat a wide range of concerns from physical conditions like headaches, digestive conditions and pain, to emotional or stress related problems like mood conditions, tension or anxiety. Reiki can also help a person work on their spiritual wellbeing and development by rebalancing the chakras and helping higher centres open.
Reiki energy is intelligent and, when channelled with love and good intention, is able to direct itself to the areas where it is needed most for the higher good of the recipient.


This foot treatment balances the bodies energies, eases tension in the physical body and soothes the emotions. It uses firm but gentle massage type movements that work the reflexes of the feet to awaken the natural healing abilities within the body.
Regular treatments help to create a healthy harmonious internal state thus improving your general health and well being.
£35 hr


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